The science and technology of dental implants changes fast. So fast, in fact, that many of the  less informed dental practitioners are truly falling behind the times. And when you are considering  a decision as important as improving your smile this can be a huge problem.

Many patients simply do not understand the options that are out there, nor the potential pitfalls of getting less than ideal treatment.

Consider this: there is no legal standard as to what type of dentist or dental specialist can place dental implants. Many “implant specialists” are simply general dentists who have attended a short course, typically 1-2 day weekend courses sponsored by implant companies, and go on to place implants. These dentists commonly treat a few a patients per month.

Choosing the right oral surgeon in washington dc

As a Board Certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Emery places implants every day. In fact, being Board Certified enables Dr. Emery to provide more comprehensive care should any complication arise.
Consider this:
  • Oral Surgeons can perform complicated bone grafting and perform your dental implant procedure under general anesthesia so your experience will be more comfortable and non painful.
  • Oral surgeons are the only dental specialists that can admit patients to the hospital. If your surgeon has not reached the highest level of training by being Board Certified, they will most likely not be able to admit you or take care of you in the hospital and will have to take the additional step of transferring your care to a board certified OMS. We don’t anticipate complications but our patients can be reassured that in the case of emergency their care will be seamless.

New Technologies Make Dental Implants In Washington DC Safer, More Predictable

Dental implant technology is moving fast. Dr. Emery has the latest tools at their disposal to ensure safe, accurate and less painful dental implant placement. 3-D imaging technology enables them to create an accurate HD map of all facial structures prior to surgery.

This image is coupled with our powerful surgical software suite to accurately pre-plan your surgery. It is also used during placement in our computer guided surgical system. This provides Dr. Emery with real time feedback to ensure that your implants are being placed in exactly the space that was pre-determined to be ideal.

Computer guided dental implant placement is the best way to ensure the most accurate treatment plans and successful surgical procedures. Can a dentist replicate this accuracy using manual tools and lesser technology? Sure, that’s possible. But you need to ask if they can replicate it time and time again, predictably and exactly when you are the one in their chair.

Come in and meet with Dr. Emery and discuss your advanced dental implant treatment plan by requesting your consultation. Otherwise, to learn more about dental implants in Washington, DC.