As the holidays approach we are all getting excited for what they bring. Family gatherings, turkey dinners, the year’s first snowfall and general cheer and merriment.

For us they also indicate the arrival of another season. The wisdom tooth removal season. Winter break presents a great opportunity for teenagers and young adults to have their 3rd molars examined by qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The welcome break from cramming and exams is also a great time to have your wisdom teeth removed, should they require removal, and not miss any class due to the recovery time, short though it may be.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled, “Changing Wisdom About Pulling Teens’ Teeth.” This article was spurred by a new statement on the American Association of Oral and Maxillfacial Surgeons (AAOMS) website.

Evidence Based Wisdom Tooth Management

“The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and its members do not advocate the performance of unnecessary surgical procedures, including the prophylactic or unwarranted removal of third molar teeth. We do, however, support the surgical management of erupted and impacted third molar teeth for which there is the presence of pathology or a reasonable potential that pathology may occur in relation to, or as a result of, these teeth.”

In other words, The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommends surgeons offer young adults options “ranging from removal to a monitored retention plan.”

At The Capital Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery we support AAOMS and our policy of evidence based third molar extraction mirrors the statement above.

We believe that while not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, all of them need to be managed. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we provide our patients the best advice based on a careful oral examination, appropriate imaging and tests, and honest discussions with the patient and caregivers. If a decision is made to keep the wisdom teeth, we advise the patient to keep the area immaculately clean and recommend an annual examination to assess any changes in the teeth or gum tissues.

Resources To Help You Manage Your 3rd Molars

In order to help you or your child decide if and when to have wisdom teeth removal surgery please see these articles on the subject:

  • Evidence Based Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  • Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction The Right Choice?
  • Anesthesia For Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Washington DC

Winter break and the holiday season are the perfect time to consult with a qualified Oral Surgeon and develop a personalized management plan for your 3rd molars. In order to facilitate the proper management of 3rd molars for our patients Dr. Emery is offering consultations to anyone considering wisdom tooth extraction or anyone seeking a qualified 2nd opinion.

In order to set up your consult please provide the following:

  • Please bring the radiograph (X-Ray) from your dentist.*
  • Please let us know your dental insurance provider.
  • To set up your consultation with Dr. Emery we ask that all patients fill out a form.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. And if you or a loved one need to have your wisdom teeth extracted we will do everything we can to make that as painless and hassle free as possible.

To schedule a dental implants consultation with Dr. Emery, contact our office in the Washington, DC area at (202) 386-7100.