Perfect female body isolated on white backgroundMany people in Washington, DC find themselves staring in the mirror at a belly that just isn’t what they want…or remember. If you’re a mom who’s missing her tight abs because they never bounced back after having children, or you just can’t seem to shed those last few pounds hanging on to your midsection, we at Capital Center for Cosmetic Surgery can help you get the tummy you want and deserve. 

What is a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Dr. Retana performs his tummy tuck procedures in his certified outpatient surgery center in Washington DC. A tummy tuck procedure helps to shape and flatten the abdomen and waist by removing excess skin and fat while also tightening those abdominal muscles that normally get separated after pregnancy.  This procedure has the benefit of removing all or most stretchmarks below the belly button.  Often times, the procedure is combined with liposuction in order to create a smaller and hourglass waistline.

Am I a candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

The vast majority of men and women make for good tummy tuck candidates. The most ideal candidates are patients with the following characteristics:

  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Excess loose skin
  • No longer planning on having children 

The benefits of an Abdominoplasty:

The following as the benefits you can expect after a tummy tuck procedure performed:

  • Improved abdominal contours
  • Smaller waistline
  • Better fitting clothes
  • Tigher absominal muscles and a flatter abdomen
  • Long lasting results that only get better with diet and exercise
  • Improved self-esteem

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

While you probably know that a tummy tuck is designed to provide Washington, DC men and women with a tighter, firmer abdomen, you may not know exactly what happens during the procedure. Dr. Retana wants his patients to be well-informed and prepared for their tummy tuck surgery, that’s why we’d like to tell you a bit about what you can expect during your procedure.

When you arrive for your tummy tuck, Dr. Retana will create a discrete incision in your lower abdomen. This incision it is necessary in order to remove unwanted fat and skin and to correct separated abdominal muscles. The incision is placed low enough so that most items of clothing will conceal it. 

Schedule a Consultation With One of Our Doctors

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