As a referring doctor, you have a lot to consider when sending your patients for further examinations or procedures. Which specialist will take care of your patients the same way you do? Which provider uses the latest technologies and advancements? Which doctors’ offices are the easiest to work with?

When it comes to referrals, the details are important. From providing patients with information regarding the referred practice, to scheduling appointments for consults and follow-ups, the referral process needs to be seamless. We at CCOMFS understand that your time is valuable and we want to make things easy for you, your staff, and your patients. Here’s how we get that done:

Communication for every preference

There are so many ways to coordinate with our office. From online referrals to simple emails or phone calls, we are responsive to whichever form of communication is easiest for your team. Making a referral is as easy as clicking into the CCOMFS referral form. You can also send us an email at

Records are our responsibility

The CCOMFS staff will handle transferring patient medical history records from your practice and coordinating with any other specialists involved. We will make sure that everything is in order so that your patients and staff aren’t left worrying whether the practices are in sync.

Flexible scheduling for new patients

Every patient is important, especially when issues pop up suddenly and demand immediate attention. When these instances arise, we do whatever it takes to make an appointment.

State-of-the-art treatment planning, no more visits to the lab

Crafting a surgical plan for your patients could be simple or complicated depending on their specific needs. We will include you throughout the process through the use of video-conferencing from your office or directly from your phone. We can share images of plans, scans, CT scans, and merged data files. For planning restorative dental cases, we will use intraoral scanning and merged data files that allow you to avoid having to send physical models to CCOMFS or labs.

You can be assured your patients will treated with a the state-of-the art surgical approach. Dr. Emery is an innovator that developed the most accurate, flexible, and cost effective dynamic image navigation surgical system in the world: X-Guide. As one of the founders of X-Nav Technologies, his vision has helped guide the development of this important technology.

We can meet your patients anywhere, office or hospital

As explained in our previous blog, Dr. Emery has privileges at both Children’s Hospital National Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center. This means that scheduling and coordinating procedures will be simple. Furthermore, in the case of an emergency, we can easily coordinate care and handle whatever is necessary.

Whether you have a patient who is familiar with the upcoming surgery or a patient that is hearing of it for the first time, we have the skills and staff to make the referral process a nonissue. Instead of managing the referrals, you can work with us to craft the right surgical plan that will give your patients the results they are seeking.

Call us to find out more about referrals at CCOMFS so your patients can stay with the best.