Every year Washingtonian Magazine sends out thousands of surveys to the area’s dental community. Chosen at random, so as to avoid any favoritism, the recipient dentists and dental specialists are asked one very important question:

Which Drs. would you send a member of your family to if they were in search of excellent care?

Washingtonian Top Oral Surgeons 2013

2013 marks a huge milestone for our office as both Dr. Robert Emery and Dr. James Ryan were named to the list among the best oral surgeons in Washington, DC. While Dr. Emery has consistently been chosen as one of the best oral surgeons in the Greater Washington, DC area by other dentists, 2013 is the first time Dr. Ryan has been nominated. The Washington Nationals would be happy to have him on board. Having just joined the practice in 2012 he is batting .1000!

Speaking of sports, Washingtonian describes the list this way, “The Top Doctors selections in some respects constitute an all-star list, but the list also is designed to be broad enough to be useful to readers throughout the area.”

Any way you pitch it, we are humbled to be able to provide excellent oral and maxillofacial services to the Greater Washington, DC area and its highly diverse and worldly residents.


Best Oral Surgeons, Washington DC

It is always smart to make sure you are receiving excellent care and to ensure that your providers are highly qualified, regardless of lists like the Washingtonian Top Dentists list.

Both Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan are Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. This means that after dental school and post graduate residencies they voluntarily agreed to be tested and then successfully completed a rigorous and demanding written and oral examination by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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