If your smile needs some work, with damaged, decayed or missing teeth affecting your appearance in ways that you aren’t pleased with, you’ve likely discovered that there are a lot of options available in terms of dental restoration. That variety of options can be confusing for average Washington, DC dental patients, making it difficult to decide what might be the best one to address their particular dental problems and create a healthy, attractive smile.

Among the most popular options offered today for dental restoration are veneers and dental implants. Here we’ll discuss veneers vs. dental implants in Washington, DC, outlining the similarities and differences between the two, as well as the conditions in which each might be best used to restore a patient’s smile


Veneers are a thin shell that is placed over an unsightly tooth, forming a cosmetic cover for teeth that are discolored, cracked or chipped, or to visually correct teeth that are poorly aligned, crooked or have large gaps between them. They may also help protect a tooth from further damage under some circumstances. Veneers may be made of a thin layer of porcelain or tooth-colored composite resin materials and are bonded to the outer surface of existing natural teeth. On average, veneers last about 10 years before replacement becomes necessary.

Dental Implants Washington, DC

Dental implant restoration replaces diseased, decayed, damaged or missing teeth by surgically placing a tiny titanium implant into the jawbone, which will bond with the bone tissue much like a natural tooth root. Once that bonding process is complete, the implant is topped with an artificial tooth that looks, feels and functions like a healthy natural tooth. The average dental implant has a lifespan of 25 years, and with careful brushing, flossing, regular dental checkups and professional cleanings, they can remain solidly in place for a lifetime.

Veneers Vs. Dental Implants For Smile Restoration

As you can see by the very different applications of each of these options, while both can provide a beautiful smile, they are by no means interchangeable. Veneers are primarily used to cover unsightly teeth that are still functional – fairly healthy and solid and expected to remain that way for some time. Dental implants, on the other hand, are used to replace teeth that are decayed or damaged to the point that they cannot be saved or that your dental care professional expects to degrade to that point fairly quickly. While veneers may camouflage such problems temporarily, dental implants can provide a much healthier and more permanent solution.

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