If you’re close to retirement, you’ve probably begun to think about where you’d like to spend your golden years. For today’s active seniors the thought of days at the beach or golf outings doesn’t sound appealing.  If you’re looking for a more exciting, active, city experience, consider retiring in Washington DC.

Washington DC offers the history, culture and fine dining one would expect from a world class city. If you’re interested in expanding your horizons in retirement, some of the world’s finest colleges and universities are in DC and offer classes and seminars geared towards adult learners.  Cultural institutions like the Kennedy Center, The Washington Symphony and The Washington Ballet offer the finest music, theatre and dance programs in the country.

If that’s not enough to entice you, here are the top 10 reasons (in no particular order!) to consider retiring in Washington DC!

1.     Location – DC is situated midway along the Eastern Seaboard. That makes travel to cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York just a short flight. Washington has three major airports and many trains and buses arriving and leaving all day long.  If you do occasionally crave that beach weekend or golf outing, DC is a short drive to the Maryland and Virginia beaches, which are some of the prettiest in the world.

2.     Mild Weather Year Round – The mid-Atlantic region offers milder weather and fewer natural disasters than much of the rest of the country. If you find yourself retiring in Washington DC,  you can look forward to the beauty of four seasons.

3.     Diversity of Housing – Washington DC and the surrounding areas offer everything from urban condo and apartment living to suburban townhouses, single family homes and even rural farmland outside of the city.

4.     City Planning and Design – Washington is one of the best-planned cities in America. It’s also one of the easiest to navigate and one of the shortest! Early in it’s history Washington DC created a height limit. No building can be taller than the Capitol Building. As a result, the streets of feel open and airy. The city is built around the National Mall, which is its central point and is bordered on the southwest by the Potomac River and Rock Creek Park. Washington gives residents all of the convenience of a major city with all the comforts of a suburb.

5.     Bike and Pedestrian Friendly – With miles of bike paths and lots of parks, cars are optional! If you don’t own a car, or choose not to drive Washington is one of the most pedestrian friendly cities.  DC’s Metrorail and bus system is one of the cleanest and most efficient in the world.  No car is needed when you can hop on a train or bus anywhere in the city and surrounding suburbs.

6.     International Flair and Influence – From the beauty of embassy row to it’s many diverse neighborhoods, you don’t need to walk far to experience Washington’s international flair. People from all over the world live and work in the city and everyday you’ll hear people speaking many different languages, from Italian to Arabic. Some of the cities greatest buildings and monuments are examples of classic European architecture.

7.     Medical and Dental Care – As we age, it becomes more important to have access to healthcare. Washington DC is home to some of the best hospitals; medical and dental care facilities in the world.  Because of its population of leaders and powerbrokers, the world’s top physicians choose to practice in DC.  Washington DC also offers some of the best dental care, health clubs and wellness centers in the country.

8.     Food Lovers Paradise – Whether your love is for chili dogs (Ben’s Chili Bowl) or deconstructed gourmet cuisine (Mini Bar) you can find it in DC. If you’re looking for a quick cheap meal from a food truck or a relaxed five-course meal at a world-class restaurant, you can find it all here.

9.     Cultural Opportunities – DC is home to museums, sports venues, concerts, festivals, and the National Zoo. There’s something for every cultural taste. Make sure to check out the free classic films screened outdoors on the Mall at Screen on the Green during the summer.

10.  Political and Historic Epicenter – Washington is the nation’s center for politics and history. Few experiences are as moving as viewing the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives. The 19 Smithsonian Museums house many of the countries historic and cultural icons including Dorothy’s slippers from the Wizard of Oz and the Apollo 11 Capsule. Best of all, most sites offer free admission!

Retiring in Washington DC offers everything to keep even the most active seniors happy. From world-class cuisine and culture, to the best healthcare in the world it’s available in this most cosmopolitan city.
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