Have you been told that your child needs wisdom teeth extraction? Washington DC oral surgeon Dr. Robert Emery advises that wisdom teeth that will be problematic – which can often be determined before these teeth emerge – should be removed as early as possible. While many parents have been given that advice, the reasons early removal is best aren’t always explained in detail. Here are three important reasons you shouldn’t put off your child’s wisdom teeth removal:

  • Early wisdom teeth removal means an easier procedure – When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, Washington DC oral surgeons generally find that procedures done early tend to be quicker, simpler and less traumatic than they are in patients who put it off. That’s because the longer wisdom teeth are left in place, the more development occurs in the tooth root. They are easiest to remove before root development progresses to the point that wisdom teeth are firmly anchored to the jaw bone. Additionally, removing them before roots are completely developed reduces risk of nerve damage and other complications.
  • Problematic wisdom teeth can cause other dental problems – Most people simply do not have enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. In such cases, by putting off wisdom teeth extraction, Washington DC patients are putting themselves at risk for the many problems they can cause as they attempt to develop. Among those potential problems are damage to adjacent teeth, mouth pain, infection or partial or full impaction. Even if these problems don’t occur, wisdom teeth that push in with insufficient space can cause severe crowding, moving other teeth out of proper alignment – an issue that can be especially frustrating for families that have already spent a great deal of time and money on orthodontic care.
  • Waiting may lead to a flare-ups at inopportune moments – Generally, development of wisdom teeth will be carefully monitored by your child’s dentist. If it becomes clear that they will cause trouble as they emerge, he or she will recommend wisdom teeth removal. Washington DC parents who get that early warning can schedule the procedure with their oral surgeon at the most practical and convenient time – like summer vacation or spring break – getting them extracted before problems begin. Parents who aren’t having wisdom teeth monitored or who put off recommended wisdom teeth removal for too long risk a flare-up at the worst possible moment, such as during final exams or your young athlete’s championship game. By keeping tabs on those wisdom teeth and, if necessary, making it a priority to fit in wisdom teeth extraction, Washington DC parents can ensure that wisdom teeth problems don’t interfere with academic or athletic pursuits.

The bottom line is that for these reasons and others, earlier may be better when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. Washington DC oral surgeons will tell you that putting it off has the potential to make the process harder, more painful and more inconvenient than it should be. So if your child’s wisdom teeth need to come out, make the call, schedule the appointment and get it done and over with as soon as possible.


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