When will we get to the future? This seemingly unanswerable question may just have and dental implants Washington DC answer. If you can envision a future where prosthetic body parts can simply be created using a 3-D printer, your house has a room where you can escape to anywhere in the world like the Star Trek halodeck and musicians can turn their audience into a musical instrument then your future may have arrived!

Beauty The Bald Eagle

Karyn Lu, from HLNTV.COM pulled together some amazing stories from around the world that seem to suggest that the future is here. At least they give us an idea of what our future may hold.

The article is worth a read if for no other reason that to hear about Beauty, a bald eagle whose beak had been smashed by the bullet of a poacher’s gun. Beauty could not feed herself, preen her feathers and had no chance of survival in the wild. In fact, this amazing raptor was set to be euthanized.

Luckily a team of specialists had another idea. Using cutting edge technology a new, prosthetic beak was constructed using a 3-D printer. As the author writes, “Now, with her new prosthetic, Beauty is able to eat, drink and even preen herself again. What an incredibly touching story, and how promising for the future of this amazing technology.” Do yourself a favor and watch the powerful video of Beauty getting her new beak.

Interestingly, the future may be closer than we think for dental implants in Washington DC as well. Image guided dental implant surgery has initiated an entirely new level of precision and safety to dental implant procedures. Image guided dental implant surgery consists of up to four phases:

Three Dimensional X-Ray Machine, iCAT

Our i-CAT uses cone beam technology to produce precise three dimensional anatomical images icat pan of our patients’ face and jaw bones. This is done using very low dose radiation, 10 times less than a medical CT scan. We are also able to provide a comfortable, open environment for these scans, no tight and confined spaces! Other i-CAT benefits include:

  • Superior image quality
  • Ultra accurate measurements
  • Surgical predictability

Virtual Surgical Plans, Anatomage

The data from our i-CAT is then processed using anatomage software. Anatomage volumetric Anatomage x ray left imaging software enables Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan to accurately measure all spaces, volumes and distances in the anatomy of the patient. This is essential in the proper placement and alignment of your dental implants.

Image Guided Dental Implant Placement

After the anatomy is carefully and accurately mapped out surgical guides are created. These guides are then synced with our computer system and the dental implant is then ready to be placed. The computer screen shows Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan exactly where the implant is at all times during surgery. If the implant were to be drilling in at the incorrect angle, for example, the software would let us know and an adjustment can be made in real time. Image guided dental implant placement enables:

    • Smaller incisions
    • Greater accuracy
    • Less pain
    • Increased safety

Digital Impressions and Virtual 3-D Dentistry

The last step on our journey to the future of implant dentistry is the ability to digitally scan, once again, the actual contours of the teeth and gum tissue of our patients. These scans can then be sent to the restorative dentist where a crown can be fabricated using the exact specs from the laser scanner.

Messy trays full of impression putties are now a thing of the past! These digital laser scans routinely take about 3-5 minutes. Furthermore, the unmatched precision provides crowns that require minimal adjustment.

From Beauty’s beak to your beautiful smile, the future has arrived. The Capital Center For Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery routinely utilizes these futuristic tools to ensure a safer, more comfortable and more predictable outcome for our patients’ dental implant needs.

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