Dental implants are the best treatment option for the majority of individuals who have lost one, several or all of their natural teeth. Dental implant restoration, unlike any other option available today, replaces not just the visible portion of the tooth, but also the root, offering oral structure and function that closely resembles that of natural teeth. The only real disadvantage cited by many people is the time traditional implant restoration takes to complete – anywhere from four months to a year or more. Over the past decade, advances in implant dentistry have made new options available to patients who prefer faster results.

Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day procedures, while a fairly recent development in implant dentistry, have proven quite dependable and predictable as a faster, more convenient approach to implant-based dental restoration. While several types of procedures are used to provide patients with teeth in a day, the common element in all of them is the use of specialized implants that are suitable for immediate loading of temporary prosthetic teeth.

Immediate load implants can be used to replace a single tooth or to support a bridge that replaces several teeth. They are also frequently used in cases of total tooth loss, using anywhere from four to eight implants, depending upon the particular needs of the patient, to anchor a complete arch of replacement teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. Since temporary prosthetics are placed at the same time as dental implants, there is no need to do without teeth or wear an uncomfortable removable denture for months, as is common with traditional, staged implant placement.

Teeth in an Hour

Among the very latest and most advanced options in implant-based reconstruction, Teeth in an Hour procedures can offer a higher level of convenience than even teeth in a day procedures. Patients who are treated with this technique are provided with permanent, fully functional replacement teeth in a procedure that takes about one hour in most cases, rather than a temporary prosthesis that requires later replacement, as with teeth in a day procedures.

A recently developed system, Teeth in an Hour is a revolutionary approach to implant placement. With the use of advanced 3-D imaging, interactive virtual models for precise surgical planning and prosthetic fabrication, and computer-guided, minimally-invasive surgical techniques, Teeth in an Hour maximizes safety, precision and efficiency of implant placement, resulting in quicker, more comfortable procedures and faster recovery times.

While many patients are able to benefit from Teeth in an Hour procedures or teeth in a day options, they are not for everyone. Under some circumstances, traditional, staged implant placement may provide the most reliable restoration. Dr. Emery, after a thorough examination of your oral and general health, can determine which is the best option for you.

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