Smile, DC! Everybody loves seeing a great, glowing smile. Think for a moment about the people you like best. Do you picture them smiling a lot, or are they frequently frowning? The smart money says that the people you like the most probably are the ones who smile the most. A great smile has the ability to actually lift moods, both of the person smiling and everyone around that person.

The Duchenne Smile: A More Authentic DC Smile

The Duchenne Smile is probably something you know about but didn’t realize it had a name. A Duchenne Smile is a smile that not only involves the mouth muscles, but it involves the muscles around the eyes as well. The same muscles that cause crow’s feet are the ones involved in producing a Duchenne Smile.

These are the smiles that are most associated with joy and positive emotion. Consider this, from a study in Developmental Psychology:

  • “Research with adults initially indicated that joy was indexed by generic smiling, any smiling involving the raising of the lip corners by the zygomatic major…. More recent research suggests that smiling in which the muscle around the eye contracts, raising the cheeks high (Duchenne smiling), is uniquely associated with positive emotion.”

Really, if you think about it, this all makes perfect sense. When someone’s eyes are involved in a smile there’s a good chance that smile is natural and involuntary. When smile involves the mouth alone the reason for the smile can be more controlled, perhaps just a nicety or an attempt at being socially polite.

The Pan-Am Smile, The Botox Smile, The DC Smile

This mouth-only smile does have several names. Dubbed the Pan-Am Smile after stewardesses from the fabled airline who would always flash every passenger the same friendly, if insincere, smile.

More recently, The Botox Smile has entered popular lexicon. When people have the eye muscles that cause crow’s feet temporarily paralyzed from Botox, the Duchenne Smile becomes impossible.

We recently published our list of the best Capitol Hill Smiles, those members of Congress with Capitol Hill Style showing through their pearly whites. If you think about the typical politician’s smile, though, it’s more like the Pan-Am smile, we have our own version…The DC Smile.

Getting Your Duchenne Smile Back

Many individuals with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures are embarrassed by their smiles. Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan have been fortunate to be able to help multitudes of DC area patients get their smiles back.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or you have several missing teeth dental implants are the answer that has helped millions get their best smiles back.

Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan are board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons who have been specifically trained to place dental implants using the most advanced, evidence based procedures and equipment available. To learn more please Request Your Appointment.

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