All navigation starts with a map. Cone Beam 3-D images provide high-definition, three-dimensional, digital data, and precise anatomical information of all oral and maxillofacial structures. These 3-D images are the map that our doctors use to plan and execute your surgical treatment. They are the key to all image guided surgery. This is done:

  • With less radiation then conventional Medical CT.
  • In a comfortable “open” environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why CBCT?

    CBCT enhances the way your oral and maxillofacial surgeons can visualize you.

    Surgical Predictability – CBCT gives your surgeon your complete anatomical information on bone and pathology prior to surgery which results in less trauma and predictable surgical outcomes.

    Navigational Predictability – The anatomically accurate CBCT images allow your surgeon to successfully create surgical plans and surgical guides prior to your surgery. “Virtual surgery” can be performed prior to your actual surgical procedure.

    Distortion-Free Measurements – The CBCT technology produces anatomically accurate 3-D images used to create precise treatment plans leading to the most accurate treatment plans and successful surgical procedures.

    Convenience – CBCT takes 8.9 second open environment scans and, within minutes, the data is transferred to the workstation computer for your surgeon to begin diagnosis and treatment planning.

    Patient Education – The CBCT offers you the ability to see images of yourself in an understandable three-dimensional fashion. This gives you and your surgeon the ability to discuss your problems so that you can make educated decisions about your treatment.

  • CBCT Benefits
    • Superior image quality
    • Distortion-free measurements
    • Surgical predictability
    • Saves surgery time/reduce costs
    • Produces anatomically accurate 3-D images used to create precise treatment plans leading to the most accurate surgical procedures
    • Considerably less patient radiation – ½ of a full mouth series, 4 or 5 x a Pan. 35-136 uSv
  • CBCT Benefits for the Patient
    • CBCT offers the highest level of surgical predictability resulting in successful surgical outcomes for patients.
    • Over ten times less radiation compared to a medical CT.
    • A quick and easy 8.9 second scan producing the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of the mouth, face, and jaw.
    • An open environment scan increasing the patient’s comfort level
    • Lower cost than a medical CT
    • Reduces surgery time
    • CBCT is available to you in our center to avoid hospital visits and multiple appointments
    • Within minutes of the scan, we are able to offer you an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan – all in one visit.
    • Dr. Emery can easily share the 3-D data with your general practitioner.

Learn more about Cone Beam 3-D images by calling our Washington, D.C. office at (202) 386-7100.