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What is a breast augmentation?

If you have always wanted a beautiful, curvy figure — or if you have lost some of your youthful fullness over time or after pregnancy — explore your options with breast augmentation. One of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the United States, breast augmentation will let you look the way that you want, wear the clothes that you want, and add fullness in a natural-looking and attractive way.

Dr. Retana is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who brings skill and artistry to the treatment of his patients. Women choose him for their care because of the expertise, personal approach, and dedication to aesthetic details that he offers. Learn more about Dr. Retana’s work and about the results that he can help you achieve.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation surgery increases the size of the breasts and improves their shape through the use of implants. These implants — typically made of silicone or saline — can make your breasts fuller, restore lost volume, and enhance the appearance of your cleavage.

Because everyone has different goals, the doctor you choose should use a surgical approach and techniques tailored to your needs. You may benefit from one procedure or a combination of procedures to achieve your desired look. Dr. Retana spends extensive time in consultation with patients to develop their personal treatment plan.

Breast Augmentation and other procedures

In addition to breast augmentation, Dr. Retana also offers these procedures to his patients:

  • Breast lift restores the position of the nipples, reduces sagging, and gives the breasts a perkier appearance. Dr. Retana frequently combines a breast lift with breast augmentation to return fullness and a youthful aesthetic.
  • Breast revision is a surgery that Dr. Retana performs when patients experience occasional problems after breast augmentation with other providers. During the procedure, he can improve the position of the implants and exchange the original implants for a smaller or larger size. He can also resolve issues such as capsular contracture to give the breasts a more natural and attractive appearance.
  • Breast reduction reduces the size of very large Post-surgery, patients can expect less back and shoulder pain, greater freedom of movement, and a slimmer, more appealing profile.

Dr. Retana’s Approach to Breast Augmentation

Patient focus. Dr. Retana is committed to helping each of his patients look and feel her best. Whether you are in your twenties and you want to be bigger, a mom who’s ready to get her figure back, or want to look the way you want at any stage of life, he can help you achieve your goals.

An expert guide. Dr. Retana will take the time to understand your aesthetic vision and the areas of concern you would like to address. While he will draw on his expertise to shape your treatment plan, he strongly believes that, because it’s your body, you should have autonomy in making decisions about your care.

Surgical technique. During your procedure, Dr. Retana will take every step necessary to promote an excellent outcome. He is dedicated to performing breast augmentation safely, gently, and with minimal scarring and recovery time.

Accessible care. As Dr. Retana’s patient, you can expect to be treated like family. When you book a procedure, you will be given his mobile number so that you can contact him directly with questions or concerns.

What to Expect With Breast Augmentation

Your experience will begin with an initial consultation at Dr. Retana’s office. He will perform a thorough examination and assessment, during which he will address your concerns and recommend procedures for resolving them. If you are interested in breast augmentation, he will discuss the surgery, sizing, and other options available to you. All of your questions will be answered so you feel confident in the treatment plan that Dr. Retana will prepare.

Once you are ready for breast augmentation, a surgical coordinator will review the associated fees and help you schedule your procedure. You will meet with Dr. Retana again at least one week before your surgery to go over pre-op and post-op instructions.

Dr. Retana performs breast augmentation procedures on site at his AAAHC-accredited facility under general anesthesia. This means that all of your visits will take place at the same familiar location with a team you will already know, and you will be able to go home the same day as your surgery.

Follow-up visits will be scheduled for:

  • The day after surgery.
  • One week after surgery
  • One month after surgery
  • Three months after surgery

What is the recovery from breast augmentation like?

You can resume some of your normal activities as soon as the evening of your procedure. In most cases, patients recover fully within six weeks, though they typically need to wait for swelling to reduce completely to see their final results: full, shapely breasts in line with their aesthetic ideal.

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