Enhance and reshape your rear with a Brazilian butt lift. This surgical procedure eliminates areas of unwanted fat from around your body and moves this natural fat to your buttocks. The result is a backside with more projection, fullness, and lift.

Dr. Armando Retana has extensive training and experience in performing Brazilian butt lift. He is deeply committed to helping his Washington, DC patients look amazing, and he uses advanced techniques that promote safe, beautiful, and natural-looking outcomes. Learn more about what you can expect in his care.

Get a Rounder, Shapelier Appearance

A Brazilian butt lift slims down trouble-spots around your body and adds fullness to your buttocks to give you an overall more appealing figure. In the surgery, Dr. Retana can harvest fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, and lower back, creating a smooth and attractive contour.

Consider having a Brazilian butt lift if:

  • Your buttocks are smaller or flatter than you would like.
  • One of your buttocks looks different from the other.
  • Dramatic weight loss has affected the shape of your buttocks.

Patients tell Dr. Retana that, as a result of surgery, it’s easier for them to find dresses, jeans, and swimsuits that look fantastic on their figure, and they feel great about their new, more noticeable appearance.

Your Experience With Brazilian Butt Lift

All of your care — from your initial visit to your post-surgical follow-ups — will take place at Dr. Retana’s comfortable and inviting practice in Washington, DC. Here is an overview of what you can expect in your treatment.


Your first meeting with Dr. Retana will be a chance for you to get to know each other. He is always interested in what motivates his Washington, DC patients to seek aesthetic improvement. He will also perform an examination and discuss the changes that you would like to see in your appearance.

Assuming that you are interested in a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Retana can recommend an approach to your surgery and areas from which he can harvest fat. He will answer any questions you may have about the procedure, and he and his staff can guide you through pre-operative steps and scheduling.

The Procedure

Dr. Retana performs Brazilian butt lift procedures in his AAAHC-certified facility in Washington, DC. The same familiar staff that you met during your consultation will be there to greet you and care for you. The surgery will take place under general anesthesia and last two to four hours, and you will be able to go home the same day.

A Brazilian butt lift is a two-stage procedure. During the initial phase, Dr. Retana will use liposuction to harvest fat from one or more sites on your body. You and Dr. Retana will have decided which areas of your body you want to slim down in advance.

In the second phase, Dr. Retana will:

  • Purify the fat and then treat it with growth factors derived from your own body. These steps will help preserve the highest-quality cells.
  • Inject this fat into the buttocks. For safety, he will position the fat above the gluteal muscles and away from the blood vessels.
  • Ensure that the results looked naturally rounded, proportionate, and attractive.

Your Aftercare

Following a Brazilian butt lift, you can expect some swelling and discomfort around your backside as well as in the areas from which Dr. Retana harvested the fat cells. Our practice will provide you with a compression garment that you will wear to control swelling as well as prescription pain medication should you require it. Some of our Washington, DC patients will also have a surgical drain in place for 3-7 days to speed their recovery.

Plan to take about two weeks off while you recover. Dr. Retana will advise you to sleep on your side or belly and not to sit for prolonged periods of time, though brief car rides should be fine. He can also recommend special cushions that you can use to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks. You should start seeing your results within six weeks, and by six months, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your surgery: a noticeably rounder rear and a slimmer, fitter appearance.

Brazilian butt lift reshapes your figure using your own natural fat. To learn more about the procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Retana online or call his practice in Washington, DC at (202) 386-7100.