At CCOMFS we value your time, and your patients’ time. We understand that not every case, despite the potential similarities to others, requires identical levels of post-operative care. A healthy patient coming to us for an extraction or third molar surgery most likely will not need the same level of post-operative care that someone with extensive bone grafting and jawbone surgery will require.

It is for these reasons that we treat every individual, well, as an individual. Our plan is specific for your patients is specific to their needs coming out of the procedure combined with medical history and notes from you.

Here’s how CCOMFS addresses post-operative care safely, and to make it as easy as possible for your patients. (Ogle, 2006)

Necessity Based Scheduling

If the surgical procedure has gone as expected and there are not medical factors at play causing concern about healthy recovery, we will not schedule a physical post-operative appointment. Instead, we will do a phone evaluation the week after the surgery to check in, review symptoms, and determine the best course of action.

Communication That’s Easy

We insist that your patients use the phone or email, or whatever form of communication they prefer, to let us know how they are feeling and address any concerns. We do not keep them coming into our office unless it’s necessary and we believe a physical exam is critical to recovery.

Explicit Instructions

We realize that even minor surgery will cause nerves and anxieties for your patients. We go through post-operative instructions and potential warning signs of infection very carefully with both the patient and their advocate to ensure everyone understands what’s considered normal healing activity versus signs of a complication.