If you have lost all teeth in one jaw or both or have been recently informed by your dental care professional that total tooth loss is imminent, replacing your teeth as quickly as possible is probably high on your priority list. With total tooth loss, it’s a given that you’ll need a full denture – one that replaces and entire arch of teeth. However, what sort of denture should that be? Here we’ll discuss the issue of permanent dentures vs. removable dentures. In Washington, DC, you’ll find that most dental professionals will recommend permanent, fixed dentures for their patients, since they hold a number of important advantages over removable dentures.

Permanent Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures: Distinct Differences In Oral Health and Function

Permanent dentures are a restorative option that uses dental implants to firmly anchor a full arch of replacement teeth in place. As any Washington, DC oral surgeon or dentist can tell you, implant-based dental restorations offer more efficient oral function and better preservation of oral health and structure than options that simply rest on the gum line, like removable dentures.

Not only does securing dentures to the jawbone with dental implants provide a stability and strength that isn’t possible with removable dentures, it provides a substitute for lost tooth roots, which is essential to preserving oral structure and health. That’s because tooth roots perform a very important function in the jaw besides simply anchoring teeth – they stimulate the jawbone, triggering the new bone growth to keep the jawbone strong and healthy.

Removable dentures, on the other hand, replace just the crowns of the teeth, so there are no tooth roots to stimulate the jaw. The result is bone loss, causing the jawbone to gradually degrade in size and density. As this happens, oral function, already compromised with use of removable dentures, deteriorates further, as bone resorption affects the shape and size of the gum ridge, eroding denture support. That’s why individuals who wear removable dentures are often find that certain foods are uncomfortable or even impossible to manage, resulting in a limited diet. Additionally, loose removable dentures can cause discomfort and mouth sores, due to the friction and pressure that occurs as they move and shift against the gums.

Permanent Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures in Washington, DC: Comfort, Aesthetics, Convenience and Longevity

Since permanent, implant-supported dentures protect against bone loss, their fit will not change over time, as occurs with removable dentures, leading to a greater level of comfort and stability, as well as greater longevity, since they will not need refitting or replacement every 5 to 7 years like conventional dentures. In fact, the average dental implant lasts about 25 years.

Permanent dentures also offer advantages in terms of convenience, since care and maintenance is simple. Permanent dentures just need brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings and checkups, much the same as caring for natural teeth – no special solutions, adhesives, brushes or tools like removable dentures. Additionally, since permanent dentures have stability and strength comparable to that of natural teeth, you’ll be able to eat normally, enjoying your favorite foods without issue.

Last, but certainly not least, permanent dentures offer better aesthetic outcomes than removable dentures, both immediately and over the long-term. Permanent dentures look like natural teeth, creating a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. Their stability means that they won’t slip or make embarrassing clicking noises as you speak or eat, and since they preserve the size and strength of the jawbone, your appearance won’t be affected by the wrinkles and hollows that often appear in removable denture wearers as the jawbone melts away.

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