Loose dentures are a very common problem for individuals who wear traditional removable dentures. That’s because use of this type of denture leads to gradual bone loss in the jaw, which, in turn, causes changes in the shape and structure of the gum ridge that removable dentures rely upon for support and retention. The result is a gradual deterioration in the way dentures fit, allowing them to shift and move in the mouth as a person eats, speaks or laughs.

Loose, slipping dentures can be a painful problem, causing irritation and mouth sores, and quite embarrassing should they click, slip or fall out in public. While frequent denture relining or replacement was once the only solution to this problem, today, dental implants have made more permanent and effective solutions available.

Permanent Dentures in Washington, DC

Permanent dentures are the most secure and effective solution to loose dentures. Like conventional, removable dentures, permanent dentures provide a full set of replacement teeth in cases of total tooth loss in one jaw or both. However, permanent dentures are anchored securely in place by a series of dental implants – typically between 4 and 8 per jaw, depending upon a person’s preferences and treatment plan – that are surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots.

Since dental implants stimulate production of new bone cells for the jawbone in much the same manner as natural tooth roots, they help protect against the bone loss that occurs with the use of conventional dentures. That means that permanent dentures will not loosen over time like removable dentures do. Since they mimic the structure of natural teeth – replacing both root and crown – permanent dentures look, feel and function like natural teeth, providing an attractive, natural-looking smile that can last for decades, and with careful oral hygiene and care, even a lifetime.

Implant Supported Overdentures

Another implant-based alternative to conventional dentures, overdentures are removable dental appliances that are held securely in place by dental implants. These dentures may be attached to those dental implants via clips that slip over a bar that is fixed to the implants, or by means of a ball and socket system. Implant supported overdentures, unlike permanent dentures, are removed at night and for cleaning.

Implant Secured Conventional Dentures

Yet another option for fixing loose dentures is the use of dental implants to anchor conventional dentures. This technique is most frequently used to secure lower dentures, which tend to be more problematic than upper ones. Typically, at least two dental implants will be placed in the jaw, with corresponding fixtures placed into the bottom of the denture to attach them to the implants, adding stability.

Of the three options, permanent dentures are typically the most comfortable, functional and attractive. All three offer a distinct improvement over the discomfort, oral health issues and embarrassment that ill-fitting conventional dentures can cause. Why suffer with those problems when your Washington DC oral surgeon can provide a solid, long-term solution to loose dentures with dental implants?

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