Who should place your dental implant?

Patients often ask me how they should choose a surgeon. When you look on the internet you will often see the following recommendations:

  • Ask your friends
  • Ask your dentist
  • Look at online reviews
  • Go to a specialist

While these are helpful tips, one key piece of information needed during your decision making process is missing–real research. If you want a surgeon to place your implant accurately, precisely and with the least amount of discomfort, you need a surgeon that uses some form of computer assisted surgery (CAS).

Every quality study published by highly respected journals shows that CAS is better than freehand, the approach that most surgeons still use. Recent studies have also shown that implants placed using the X-Guide technology is the most accurate, precise and convenient form of CAS available.

The X-Guide uses a computer system that tracks your jaw while you are having surgery, much like the GPS in your cellphone and car, to guide your surgeon’s hand to the correct position of for your implant. It allows your surgeon to be more accurate and make minimal or no incisions. It’s more convenient with less pain and no additional radiation.

So when you’re browsing the internet for the best surgeon use the following check list:

  • Do they use the X-Guide?
  • Who does your dentist recommend?
  • Who do your friends recommend?
  • Are they a specialist in surgery?

Chose a surgeon who uses CAS. Research and statistics support that choosing a surgeon who uses CAS (like the X-Guide technology) will result in a more pleasant dental implant placement experience for you.

Dr. Emery is a founder and developer of the X-Guide. He and his partners believe follow the principle of guiding every implant in every patient, every time.

To see a list of the articles and publications supporting the use of CAS check the following link:


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