“I am a model. My front tooth is broken.This could ruin my career.”
Right lateral incisor replaced

“I hate my smile. All my teeth are moving”
Complete upper jaw reconstruction

“My teeth hurt all the time. My breath is terrible. This is ruining my life. I really need help.”
Complete upper and lower jaw reconstruction

“I knocked my teeth out as a child. Now they are loose. I would like to get my teeth replaced in one day.”
Three front teeth replaced in one day


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“I was hit by a bus. My front teeth and jaw are broken.”
Repair of fractures, bone reconstruction and implant supported bridge.

“I was shot when my store was robbed. I would like my smile back.”
Bone and soft tissue reconstruction. Implant supported bridge.

“Failed and failing implants.”
Complete upper and lower bone and soft tissue reconstruction. Upper and lower implant supported bridges.