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X-Guide Navigated Surgery - XNAV

Dynamic Image Guided Surgery (Stereotactic Surgery) is a new and exciting field of dental surgery. Dr. Emery is one of the inventors of the X-Guide. This type of surgery was pioneered in medicine. It is used by neurosurgeons and other medical surgical specialties to allow the surgeon to “virtually” see into their patient real time while they operate and “guide” their instruments to accurate locations real time using computer guidance. X-Guide is the newest and most advanced system approved for the placement of dental implants. Dr. Emery uses this technology to place dental implants, as well as perform other oral and maxillofacial procedures that require extreme precision and accuracy. There are a number of steps required to perform these procedures:

  1. An intraoral laser scan (iTero) is taken of your jaw and a tracking array is fabricated in a laboratory.
  2. This array is placed in your mouth and a CBCT is taken.
  3. Your dentist and Dr. Emery plan your implant restoration during a virtual surgery over the internet. If the devise is used for other procedures, for example removing highly complex wisdom teeth, the surgery is reviewed together by both doctors before your surgery is completed.
  4. The tracking array is placed in your mouth at the time of surgery and registered to the system before surgery is started. An array is attached to the instrument that Dr. Emery will use during surgery and it is registered to the system.
  5. Surgery is then performed under dynamic image guidance with the plan both your doctors have reviewed prior to surgery. The incisions are minimal and the surgery highly accurate.

Dr. Emery has extensive experience with dynamic image navigation for both implant placement and other complex oral and maxillofacial procedures. Presently, he is involved with the development of the next generation of these devices to make surgery more predictable, safer, and less painful. Learn more about X-Nav.


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