When you are recovering from a surgical procedure it can feel like you are living life from the sidelines. If you are getting over the flu, you have to sit far from everyone else at your kid’s soccer game. After a broken finger, you weren’t able to play in the annual tennis tournament. It’s frustrating and even a few days off from everyday life can quickly start to feel like an eternity.

Recovery time is one of the most common reasons people put off procedures. While they wish for the benefits of the surgery, they dread the recovery time needed to enjoy those benefits. But what if that weren’t the case and you could get the results you desire without the downtime? Sounds like a win-win right? Shorter recuperation can be traced back to how modern technologies are used to mitigate incision size and discomfort.

Better technologies mean more precise procedures

Take LASIK surgery for example. The technology has improved drastically over the last 10 years. Now, you are back to enjoying your improved eyesight typically within 48 hours of the procedure. Similarly, modern laparoscopic surgeries make smaller incisions, which reduce healing time. Dental implant techniques have also made come a long way over the last few years. By utilizing new technologies, patients are enjoying shorter recovery times and reduced discomfort. 

More precise means less recovery time

Specifically, the latest technology being used for dental implants is dynamic image-guided surgery. By using a low-radiation, three-dimensional x-ray machine and the X-Guide (http://www.x-navtech.com)  Dr. Emery is able to implement virtual surgical plans in real time. This technique allows Dr. Emery to minimize the incision size and in many cases no sutures. Because the surgery is so precise and less intensive, the amount of post-operative swelling, bruising, and bleeding are reduced – like the recovery time needed. 

Just because you are in less pain and look great doesn’t mean that the recovery process is over. It’s important to eat soft foods and see your provider often during this time. In addition to choosing a specific surgical technique for your procedure, each provider also has a unique process for follow-ups to oversee recovery. Consistent monitoring will help you to avoid any setbacks and leave you feeling confident that your implants look as great as you feel.

Less recovery time means you get back to life looking and feeling great

Procedures that can enhance your appearance are often put aside due to the fear of pain and an extended recovery time. In our blog titled No Pain, Lots of Gainwe review how the dynamic image-guided technique leaves you in less pain than more traditional implant surgeries and gets you back to feeling like yourself faster. Unlike a facelift that will leave you bruised, swollen, and in recovery for weeks, dental implant surgery can improve your appearance the way you hoped without the feeling like you are on the sidelines waiting to get called back into the game.

The old DuPont slogan, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” is a lot like saying better living through technology. Finding providers that are up-to-date with the most cutting-edge techniques and tools will guarantee that your procedure is done in the best way possible.

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