Mature couple sitting on the beachOne of the biggest concerns our doctors hear when they see first-time patients who are interested in having dental implants placed is how long the process will take. Many men and women have friends or acquaintances who have had dental implants and may be surprised to hear from them how long it took to get their permanent teeth placed. Drs. Emery, Retana and DiFabio, our oral surgeons at Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, are leaders and pioneers in the world of dental implantology. One of their top-priorities is patient education, which is why this blog will detail the dental implants procedure and how long you can expect the process to take.

Dental Implants – Delayed Placement

Most often, our patients will either have delayed placement or immediate placement of their dental implants. Patients who have suffered tooth loss that has caused other oral problems such as gum or bone resorption will be required to have delayed placement dental implants. This waiting period allows for needed preparatory surgery – such as a gum graft and bone bone grafting – in order to ensure dental implant success. The delayed placement process is a lengthier one, but well worth it to ensure you are able to enjoy your newfound oral function for years to come. Allowing your body to naturally recover from infections reduces the risk of later complications. The entire process will take from 4 to 8 months to complete, depending on the types of preparatory surgeries are required.

For delayed placement dental implants:

  • Your doctor will remove any damaged teeth and perform any preparatory surgery required to removing infections and heal your bone and gums in a natural way.
  • Once these surgeries have been completed, our patients will be required to heal for about two months in order to be sure the bone and soft tissues have healed and strengthened.
  • After healing, Drs. Emery, Retana or DiFabio will place your dental implants and will then attach a temporary crown or removable appliance so your missing teeth will not be noticed.
  • Again, you will be required to heal after the placement of your dental implants for about two months.
  • Once you have been cleared by Drs. Emery, Retana or DiFabio, your general dentist will attach your new, permanent crowns and your new smile will be complete. 

Dental Implants – Immediate Placement

While many men and women will need delayed placement dental implants, you may be a candidate for immediate placement if your jawbone is strong and healthy and can effectively support a dental implant. The entire process can be completed in as little as two months.

For immediate placement dental implants:

  • Your doctor will remove any diseased or loose teeth and perform any needed minor bone grafting.
  • During the same appointment, your doctor will then place your dental implants, along with your temporary, removal crowns or appliance.
  • You will then be required to heal for a period of two months as your body permantently fuse to your implants.
  • Once Drs. Emery, Retana or DiFabio clear you, you will visit your general dentist for your permanent dental crown placement. 

Choose Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for Your Dental Implants Needs

Drs. Emery, Retana and DiFabio have developed amazing reputations among their patients and peers alike, which is why so many men and women choose them to perform their dental implants surgery. Because they use the X-Guide system when placing dental implants, the entire process is much less invasive, and their patients can expect an overall faster recovery and shorter dental implants process.

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