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What is Image Guided Surgery?

The Capital Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the first and only Dental Image Guided Surgical Center in the Washington DC area that offers all types of Image Guided Surgery. Dr. Emery is a visionary innovator in this transformational technology.

Image guided surgery uses virtual x-ray vision, our low radiation dose three dimensional x-ray machine, to implement our virtual surgical plans in real time. This makes surgery less painful and safer because we can make our incisions smaller and more accurately. Accuracy equals safety. Small incisions equals less pain. Dr. Emery is one of the developers of the X-Guide. X-Guide uses an in office GPS system of the mouth to place implants more comfortably, accurately, and affordably. It can also be used for image guided third molar extractions and image guided removal of cysts and tumors. We also use passive image guided implant surgery including Anatomage™, Navigator™, NobelGuide™ and Simplant™.


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