Before a big meeting, interview, or lunch date, you probably have a routine. You check that your hair is in place, your glasses are on straight, your shirt is tucked in, your pants are properly pressed, and your shoes are shined. High-powered professionals and business people spend a lot of time looking their best to feel as confident as possible and stand out amongst competitors. Even remote workers who videoconference and chat take pride in their appearance and show up to appointments looking polished.

The attention to detail with our appearance starts with your smile, even if you don’t check your hair chances are that you do check your teeth to make sure there’s no lingering broccoli. Rather than simple vanity, we check because first impressions matter. If your competitor looks more polished than you do the client may believe they are more professional and your business is impacted. When all this time is spent on your appearance, teeth cannot be ignored. Here’s why:

Smile! First Impressions Really Do Matter

“First positive impressions all come down to the power of an attractive smile.” When your teeth look great, you will feel great and flash that smile more often. A positive first impression can lead to a successful business deal, a second interview, or even a second date. Just like you spend time preparing your hair, outfit, accessories, talking points, and strategies, your first impression smile needs attention too. 

Teeth + Confidence = Smile 

When 48% of adults believe that the smile is the most memorable feature they remember after they meet someone for the first time, it’s not hard to understand why you should pay attention to it. A smile is made up of your teeth and confidence. If you aren’t blessed with perfect natural teeth, there are solutions. While braces work to correct your natural teeth and bite, the process can be slow and hard on an adult patient. Dentures also work for decaying teeth, but the time it takes to perfect them may not line up with your needs. Dental implants can be an optimal option for those looking to quickly enhance their smile permanently.

Look Great Now – and Tomorrow

Like most things in life, there is usually no quick fix. However, with dental implants, you do see improvement as soon as the procedure is over. Enjoy life without worrying about your teeth! Dental implants allow you to avoid the potential of your dentures or replacement teeth loosening or falling out during conversation. When you aren’t worried about that, you feel more comfortable in public and nail that first impression.

Investing in Yourself Usually Pays Off

Think about all of the investments in yourself and your appearance that you’ve made over the years. Maybe you found a hairdresser with a long waiting list and terrible hours, but every time you leave, you feel wonderful. And it’s possible you didn’t need the expensive business suit, but whenever you wear it meetings just seem to go better. If something is of high quality, it’s worth going the extra mile for. It is important to invest in a dental implant provider that can offer the highest quality of care because really, it is an investment that will last. 

At CCOMFS, Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan helped develop and now use intraoral GPS, the X-Guide ( – the latest image-guided surgery technology – to help patients improve their smiles forever. This technique allows them to place the implant in the exact site necessary for your dentist to achieve the esthetic and function you deserve. Whether you have broken teeth or dentures that aren’t quite right, when your smile isn’t what you want it to be, you are less likely to use it. 

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