If you’ve ever watched a Washington Capitals game you have undoubtedly seen someone with a missing tooth. Hockey players are notorious for losing teeth due to flying pucks, fights and other mishaps.

Dr. Emery places hundreds of dental implants each year for Washington, DC area residents. According to AAOMS almost 70% of all adults age 35-44 have lost at least one tooth to accident, decay or disease. We have seen our share of patients who have lost a tooth due to an accident.

 1. Headbutted By A Child

We’ve had several patients who have had missing teeth due to something you may never suspect, their own children. That’s right, young children have been known to knock out their parents’ teeth. Now, we’re not talking about angry teenagers who may or may try this on purpose.

Many patients have been holding a toddler on their lap when the child suddenly jerks his head back and, boom, now we need to replace missing teeth.

2. Headbutted By A Dog

As crazy as it sounds, the same scenario with the toddler also happens with the family pet! Dr. Emery has seen multiple people with missing teeth due to their dog suddenly jerking its head (probably due to the doorbell) and knocking out the pet owner’s teeth.

Now, replacement teeth are a necessity, thanks Fido!

3. Hooping It Up

While hockey is commonly known as the sport with the athletes missing teeth, basketball is also a culprit. Basketball truly is a contact sport and also one where mouth guard use is not as widespread as it could be.

It’s not exclusively hoops though, racketball, squash, baseball and almost any other sport present situations where teeth can be at risk.

4. Can’t Stay On Two Wheels

Every child’s rite of passage is learning to ride a bike. Losing teeth is another growing pain. Losing your teeth as an adult, however, shouldn’t be. We’ve seen patients missing teeth due to pulling the wrong brake and flying over the handle bars. We’ve seen head on collisions with another biker. The most common suspect? Trees.

A bad day on the bike and replacement teeth may be in order.

5. Tripped By A Dog

What is going on with the dogs in Washington, DC? Dr. Emery has seen patients who have lost teeth due to walking their dog. A squirrel runs out, the dog runs after it and the owner gets tripped up in the leash. The resulting fall has left more than a few people in need of teeth replacement in the form of dental implants.

6. Segway Tours or Torture?

Our oral surgeons have treated a patient with missing teeth due to an unfortunate accident on a Segway. You know, those funny two wheeled things that were supposed to replace walking.

Segways can be difficult to get the hang of. One mistake and an unfortunate rider could be in for replacement teeth.


7. Horsing Around

This one hurts just to type. Dr. Emery has provided teeth replacement with dental implants multiple times when someone has accidentally been kicked in the face by a horse. Ouch!

Clearly accidents, sports and animals of all types can cause missing teeth. Certainly mouth guards, helmets and other protective wear may help but there is no way to completely safeguard yourself when even holding your baby can be dangerous.

To learn more about dental implants as a teeth replacement option you can request a dental implant consultation with Dr. Emery by calling his office in the Washington DC area at (202) 386-7100.