How to Stand Out from Your Competition

Service and attention matter. When you go out for a nice dinner, you can expect a certain level of personal attention from your server. When you stay at a hotel, it’s important that the staff makes you feel comfortable and welcome. When you refer a patient to another physician for their expertise, you expect that your patients will be well taken care of and given the attention they are accustomed to when visiting you.

To ensure that we are able to match the level of service your patients expect, we go to great lengths. Here are a few of the ways we excel at making your patients feel as valued as they truly are.

1. Hospital Privileges 

After a patient is first referred and seen, we will review their medical history and craft a personalized surgical plan. For most patients, this involves surgery in our offices using office-based anesthesia. For patients who have a medical history indicating a hospital environment would be safer, we are still able to perform that procedure.

Dr. Emery is on the staff of the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center and Washington Hospital Center. Having privileges at both hospitals makes scheduling and coordinating procedures easy and worry-free. It also allows us to care for your patients no matter what their age.

2. Strong Communication

Because we have privileges at both hospitals, we are able to coordinate patient care amongst any other providers involved. Not only can we work with you, the referring doctor, we are also willing and able to discuss any concerns with your patients’ specialists, general practitioner, or pediatrician, in addition to coordinating that care in the office setting or the hospital.

3. 24/7 On-Call Availability

As a referring doctor, there may be instances where your patients call you urgently with issues that you would like a consult on. For these situations, our dedicated team is available 24/7, and Dr. Emery can come to the hospital if necessary. We believe that patient care is a full-time job, and we prioritize safety and comfort every step of the way.

4. Hands-on Care: From Consult to Recovery

As board certified surgeons with hospital privileges, we are able to provide trauma services and take trauma calls at the hospital. If you have a patient that needs to be seen urgently, we can meet them at the hospital and make sure their needs are met as quickly as possible.

We have the training and expertise to provide the special services that your patients need. In addition to that, we make a commitment to you, as a referring doctor, that we will provide excellent service. From helping your staff make appointments to seeing patients in the hospital, we strive to go above and beyond to make their experience at CCOMFS safe and pleasant.

Refer your patients to us, and rest assured that they will come back sporting a beautiful smile.

Let’s work together to ensure your patients get the highest quality care. Call us today to learn more about referrals at CCOMFS.