Robert W. Emery, DDS, Armando Retana MD, DDS, Vincent DiFabio, DDS

We are the West End Surgical Center

Washington DC’s Only OMS & Cosmetic Surgical Center


Capital Center® for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery combines the resources and expertise of a world-class facility with personal and attentive patient care. We offer a full range of treatments and procedures, from restoring missing and damaged dentition to repairing facial trauma to resolving complex medical conditions related to the teeth, face, and jaw.

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“What a positive experience I had at Capital Center® for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. From the moment I walked into the reception which is so tastefully decorated with stunning original art, I felt at ease. That feeling was only enhanced when I met the staff. I felt so confident in the procedure I was about to have..I can’t recommend this practice highly enough.”



The details make the difference. With cosmetic surgery, the most attractive outcomes are the result of meticulous technique and artistic intuition. At Capital Center® for Cosmetic Surgery, our specialists are passionate about the details, and we translate that passion into graceful, incredibly beautiful outcomes, whether your desire is physical rejuvenation or fulfillment of a personal aesthetic goal.

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Our practice offers patients access to experts in their field of specialization and personal and attentive care in their treatment. Whether you are exploring your options with cosmetic surgery or require oral surgery to improve comfort and aesthetics, we invite you to review the results that we have provided to past patients.



General practitioners — as well as doctors in fields related to oral, maxillofacial, and cosmetic surgery — frequently refer their patients to our practice. In part, this is because we collaborate closely with supporting caregivers. Referring doctors also rely on us because we promote high-quality, predictable outcomes through advanced techniques and technology. Working together, we help patients get the best treatment possible.

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